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Geroprotectors is a manually curated database that provides all of the above.  An up-to-date, rapidly explorable system that catalogues over 200 geroprotectors and links them to the studies that support (or refute) their effects, Geroprotectors is for the entrant or expert in the field alike.  Whether browsing or seeking in-depth information on a geroprotector of interest, users can do so without investing time in extensive literature searches or learning complicated systems.  Geroprotectors is an intuitive, visual, comprehensive collection of anti-aging interventions that will be a valuable public resource, particularly to the biogerontological research and medical communities.

Moskalev A., Chernyagina E., de Magalhães JP, Barardo D., Thoppil H., Shaposhnikov M., Budovsky A., Fraifeld V., Garazha A., Tsvetkov V., Bronovitsky E., Bogomolov V., Scerbacov A., Kuryan O., Gurinovich R., Jellen LC., Kennedy B., Mamoshina P., Dobrovolskaya E., Aliper A., Kaminsky D., Zhavoronkov A.

Geroprotectors.org: a new, structured and curated database of current therapeutic interventions in aging and age-related disease. Aging (Albany NY). 2015 Sep;7(9):616-28.

Photo by Schjelderup via Flickr

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